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Live an Active Well-being and have a Wellness Home

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Individuals with Active Welness and Wellness Homes

You obviously share the desire for better health and vibrant living, otherwise you wouldn't be on my website. Like you, more and more people are seriously interested in investing in their well-being. Who knows, maybe it took a pandemic to raise awareness that taking care of our health is paramount.

The real possibility of a healthier and longer life has been something fundamental for me personally and professionally for more than 10 years and, believe me, it is in your control!

The easiest and fastest way to get there is to choose to live in an environment that helps you live in Active Wellness, from your best self full of energy and vitality!

Surely you wonder, what is an environment that supports your well-being?

The simple answer: We call it the Wellness Home.

The Wellness Home recreates the 5 Energy Sources of nature:

💦 Water 🌬️ Air ☀️ Light 💤 Rest-Sleep 🌿 Nutrition.

We have exclusive Japanese technology patents that recreate these Energy Sources (it is what is known as Biomimetics or Biomimicry) to help our body in its work of repair and restoration of balance.

Our scientists/inventors created our unique products by putting 3 technologies in them:

🌎 The Technology that produces the effects of the Terrestrial Electromagnetic Field = Magnetic Technology

☀️ The Technology that produces the effects of the Sun's Energy.

💨 The Technology that produces the effects of Air Energy = Negative Ions


We have several product lines:

💦 Water system

🌬️ Air System

💤 Sleeping system

⛰️ Support system

🌿Organic plant-based nutrition

🙂Organic skin and hair care

Our products are of great support to relieve bodily ailments, provide more energy and vitality, improve sleep, protect against contamination by Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), eliminate oxidative stress that ages us so much and provide a better quality of life in general.

They use technology in the right way, to bring us back into harmony with nature, instead of separating us from it.💚🌿

If you contact me I can send you super interesting, educational-informative emails that will give you knowledge that almost no one has. They will include testimonials and product demonstrations, as well as experts from outside our company who will explain the importance and benefit of our technologies.

Visit my YouTube channel by clicking here for multiple testimonials/wellness stories from satisfied clients or other independent consultants like me. 


Every Monday at 8:30 pm Miami time (in English) and Tuesdays at 10:30 am Miami time (in Spanish), you are invited to a Zoom with people who share testimonies of living with these Home technologies of wellness. Remember that it is open to you and all your friends and family!

If you want a one-on-one meeting via Zoom to get personalized information, text me on WhatsApp.

Thank you for your interest and for helping us share Welfare Home Stories around the world!

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Toxins and chronic disease | Toxinas y enfermedades crónicas

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A Better Way

Nikken recreates the Energy Sources that nature gives us and brings them closer to your Life

Nikken recreates the Energy Sources that nature gives us and brings them closer to your Life with unique, innovative, highly effective, and ecological,non-invasive, or chemical, visiting my my custom store.

How do I view and purchase my Products on Nikken?

1. Click the button «Visit Nikken Store»Or alternatively click HERE. When you access you will see a banner with my information such as Nikken Independent Advisor.

1. After accessing the store you will see a series of Items in the upper banner where you will find the option «Products«.

2.  Choose the optionProducts»And you will see 4 categories:  NutritionPersonal Care Rest and Relaxation and Environment. Choose the category of your preference. 

3. Select the quantity of the product (s) you want and then Add them to your Cart. When you finish choosing your products, click on «Checkout»To process your payment and purchase.