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Wellness Coaching

Receive a personalized wellness plan and get help implementing it every step of the way! In Wellness Coaching sessions, Gita guides you and helps you to:
  1. Lead a healthier lifestyle according to your biotype (nature).
  2. Implement healthy habits in your lifestyle for a strong immune system and therefore, greater health and general well-being.
  3. Recommendations tailored to your unique needs.
  4. Listen and understand the messages of your body.
  5. Develop the healing and regenerative power of your body.
  6. Find the causes that prevent you from achieving optimal well-being.
  7.  Facilitate and accelerate healing by connecting your mind with your body by applying epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology in an easy and simple way.
  8. Learn How to support your body during and after the challenges that arise.

The exact benefits vary depending on the Wellness counseling option you choose.

“Gita Pimentel is very professional and dedicated… responsible and very generous. She has the ability to transmit knowledge with such clarity that it immediately denotes her experience and continuous improvement"

Marcela - Monterrey, México.

"From the day I went to her practice, my life changed for the better."

Carmen - Valencia, Venezuela

"She has an indescribable gift that she humbly shares and definitely leaves her mark"

Alejandra - Caracas, Venezuela

"My body is responding beautifully to the change, it shows in my skin, I have more flexibility in my knees and it no longer hurts when going down the stairs. My stomach began to deflate and little by little my bowel movements are returning to normal. If I had this knowledge before, I would not have suffered so much and for a long time."

Isabel, Caracas-Venezuela

“I am extremely grateful for the information that Gita has given me in her sessions to start adopting changes in healthy habits. This is priceless! "

Carolina, Higuerote-Venezuela