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Are you getting what you want from what you do for a living?
Or would you like to take a look and see what other options are available for you?

Dave Rolfe, author of The Smart Networker

I have in my hands the best business in the world!

Yes, it might sound pretentious if I said that I’m the only one who has it, or that I created it, and I don’t. I only gave myself permission to listen to the experts, to those who have made a successful life in this business, to those who have an extraordinary lifestyle thanks to this business, and which I aspire to for myself. I allowed myself to seek to understand, beyond the opinions or preconceived ideas that I had regarding this business model, this profession.

I committed myself to study, learn and understand in depth; the principles, concepts and mechanisms of this business model, used by the company of which I was already a happy and satisfied customer; to teach you how to achieve together what they have achieved.

I am an Independent Distributor of a company called Nikken that sells its products through the best business model that exists today worldwide: Network Marketing. Also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). 

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel?

Because I do!

Life is much more than working 8 hours for others, exchanging our valuable time for money; working just to pay the bills, living just for working; that others choose our free time, our rest and vacation time. Even when we are self-employed we are trading time for money, and we need to be constantly working to have money into our bank.

If you love your job and agree to your working hours, I fully respect that. However, I ask you: Is your salary enough to save, invest, travel, give your family the quality of life you want? Hmmmm, don’t you think it’s time to seriously consider an extra source of income?

The truth is that perhaps you and I can be partners and together make money while dramatically improving people’s health, well-being and quality of life, ours and our family’s!

Sounds good? No. Sounds extraordinary!

I invite you to be my business partner

Together we can build a rewarding and exciting business both personally and financially; that can give you the lifestyle you've longed for, it can be your happy retirement, give you peace of mind, security, and you can also inherit it to your loved ones.

This is a profitable, sustainable, service-oriented business. As you view the information, it will become clearer how your involvement with Nikken can contribute in many positive ways to a higher quality of life: improved well-being and a realistic career path to Financial Freedom.

Also, I invite you to go to to learn more about the company's philosophy and products. 

This business, this industry, this profession is not for everyone. Is it for you? 

Do you have these qualities?

  • You persevere.
  • You think you deserve to make your dreams come true.
  • You like to interact with people.
  • You are patient.
  • You prefer long-term rewards and not immediate gratification.
  • You are passionate about or at least interested in health and wellness.
  • You are enthusiastic
  • You like teamwork.
  • You are proactive.
  • You are an Entrepreneur or you want to be one. 

If you are ready to:

  • Stop settling.
  • To leave economic constraints behind.
  • Have a career in which you feel satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Have a business with a purpose.
  • Own your time.
  • Have a balance between professional and personal life.
  • Trabajar en un sector y profesión apasionantes y llenos de energía, donde todo es posible y no hay límites.
  • Being part of a Positive and Collaborative Support Team.
  • Commit to learning, training and applying the actions that drive the business, with constancy and perseverance

If you don't want to work until the day you die, you have to have a source of residual/passive income

Warren Buffet

This business offers the tangible and real possibility of obtaining continuos income over time.

As my mentor and business partner, Dave Rolfe, author of the Books Vested Interest and The Smart Networker says “how would you like to own a coke/soda machine on every corner of every street, and every time someone bought one you made a nickel”. This is the potential and how this business model works.

This is a business, a profession, a career; like any other, which first requires that you learn how the business works and be properly trained in order to get results. Dave Rolfe is one of the most successful Networkers, with 33 years in our company; his organization has been generating continuous income all these years, even in those that he decided not to be active. He wrote an E-Book and Online Training in English, and I translated into Spanish that will teach you the necessary skills and what to do to be successful in this noble industry. 

At these links you have all the information: and

Take a look at A Better Way to define and achieve success through our philosophy: of a Life in Balanced: Wellness and Wealth by choice and action, not by luck.

We are a community that likes to help, cares about others, and strives for our own and our team's success.

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launch your Nikken Business

“Gita Pimentel is very professional and dedicated… responsible and very generous. She has the ability to transmit knowledge with such clarity that it immediately denotes her experience and continuous improvement"

Marcela - Monterrey, México.

"From the day I went to her practice, my life changed for the better."

Carmen - Valencia, Venezuela

"She has an indescribable gift that she humbly shares and definitely leaves her mark"

Alejandra - Caracas, Venezuela

"My body is responding beautifully to the change, it shows in my skin, I have more flexibility in my knees and it no longer hurts when going down the stairs. My stomach began to deflate and little by little my bowel movements are returning to normal. If I had this knowledge before, I would not have suffered so much and for a long time."

Isabel, Caracas-Venezuela

“I am extremely grateful for the information that Gita has given me in her sessions to start adopting changes in healthy habits. This is priceless! "

Carolina, Higuerote-Venezuela