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Gita Pimentel

Wellness Coach
Consultora de Bienestar

Mas de 14 años de experiencia en el campo del Bienestar y Anti-envejecimiento / Longevidad, ayudando a las personas a tener una vida más sana y más larga, con mejor calidad de vida, bienestar y vitalidad.

I am a Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant, a Certified Wellness and Lifestyle Coach in Ayurveda Medicinea Health and Wellness Journalist and aBest-Seller Author on Amazon

Me certifiqué en más de 20 modalidades en el campo de la sanación holística, y aunque ya no me dedico a dar terapias ni cursos de sanación; a mis clientes actuales, les ofrezco un servicio adicional a la compra de productos brindándoles una Asesoría Gratuita sobre la Mind-Body Connection, through the Epigenetics and Psychoneuroimmunology applied in a simple and practical way.

She became the exclusive trainer for Life Coaches and Workshop Facilitators in the Louise Hay method, for 3 countries in Latin America and the United States in Spanish.

She has had the privilege of studying directly with the most recognized world authors. In 2013, the Cable TV channel IntiNetworkTV hired her to make the series of programs called Sana Tu Vida. 

Estudié Comunicación Social, también fui modelo y locutora en mi país natal, Venezuela. Actualmente vivo en el Sur de la Florida junto a mi hija y su perro. 

He tenido el privilegio de estudiar personalmente con los más reconocidos autores mundiales del crecimiento personal, la neurociencia y epigenética.

Gita has personally studied with Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra MD, Christiane Northrup MD, Dr Wayne Dyer, Marianela Castés MD, Gregg Braden, Brendon Burchard, Mona Lisa Schultz MD, Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Caroline M. Sutherland, Dr. Thomas Moore, Cheryl Richardson, Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, Michael B. Beckwith, Robert Holden, Caroline M Sutherland, David Kessler, Marci Shimoff, Byron Katie, Eldon Taylor, Bob Mandel, Dean Graziosi. David Kessler, Marci Shimoff, Byron Katie, Eldon Taylor, Bob Mandel, Dean Graziosi. 

"If we lead a lifestyle aligned with our nature, we can have a longer, healthier life with greater well-being"

Gita can guide you with:

Wellness Home

Inside my store, I offer you the best benefits for your health and well-being .Get a healthier home and body care withproducts created for you to have a longer and healthier life!

“Gita Pimentel is very professional and dedicated… responsible and very generous. She has the ability to transmit knowledge with such clarity that it immediately denotes her experience and continuous improvement"

Marcela - Monterrey, México.

"From the day I went to her practice, my life changed for the better."

Carmen - Valencia, Venezuela

"She has an indescribable gift that she humbly shares and definitely leaves her mark"

Alejandra - Caracas, Venezuela

"My body is responding beautifully to the change, it shows in my skin, I have more flexibility in my knees and it no longer hurts when going down the stairs. My stomach began to deflate and little by little my bowel movements are returning to normal. If I had this knowledge before, I would not have suffered so much and for a long time."

Isabel, Caracas-Venezuela

“I am extremely grateful for the information that Gita has given me in her sessions to start adopting changes in healthy habits. This is priceless! "

Carolina, Higuerote-Venezuela

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